кондензна помпа CP - 1218

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кондензна помпа PSB - 1218

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без ДДС 66,67 лв. с ДДС 80,00 лв.
Автоматична помпа за извеждане на конденз от вътрешното тяло на климатик.

Ниво на шум: < 21dba

максимална височина на издигане  12 метра 

максимален дебит 14 L/h (0м височина)

смукателна височина 1м

Термична защита: 75°C

Консумация: 12 W

Захранване: 230V

Подходяш за климатици до 30 000 btu

● Full rotation type;start-up,cease,water line spilled over safety warning switch
(start-up warner or turn off air-conditioner)
● Designed as two parts,used for easily and quickly install.
● Pump is auto-suction type,can be installed in air-conditioner,or place in it above tank within 1 meter.
● Water storage tank connects on 13-17mm wash port in air-conditioner.
● Max flow:14kl/h (3.7 US gallon)
● Max head:12m (39feet)
● Operating range:6kl/h while head is 4m (1.6 US gallon/h while head is 13.1feet)
● Used for air-conditioner equipment,max is 10kw (30,000BTU) (4kw used in wet areas)
● Exhaust pipe enclose water storage tank
● Overheating auto poweroff protective device
● Design of pump exit used for:4×6mm (5/32 inch inner diameter of water pipe)
● TUV certificate
● IP=20
● Enclose:
self-absorption water pipe:1m×4mm (3 1/4 feet×5/32 inch inner diameter)
exhaust pipe:150mm×4mm (6 inch×5/32 inch inner diameter)
drain pipe of air-conditioner:75mm×13mm (3 inch×1/2 inch inner diamete

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