Събирателна станция за фреон Refco Plus 12

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Събирателна станция за фреон Refco Plus 12

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Събирателна станция за фреон Refco Plus 12

Recovery machine with an advanced oil free compressor, maintenance free and has no cross
contamination or oil to check. True multipurpose, it recovers R12, 134a, R22, R401, R402, R404,
R406, R407, R408, R409, R410A, R411, R412, R500, R502, R507, R509, in fact a whole range of
CFC‘s HCFC‘s and HFC‘s with blends and A & B variations of most. The PLUS-12 is one of the most
accomplished machines ever built.
The PLUS-12 has a comprehensive built-in manifold that puts control in your hands, for vapor,
liquid or combined recovery and with fully automatic pressure regulation. Purge, self-cleaning, is
on the fl y, no need to shut down, you can flush, push-pull and subcool by using this advanced
The high performance condenser with forced fan cooling, recovers with confi dence on hot and
very hot days, plus high pressure capability to 470 psi discharge with high pressure start
Ergonomics and safety, easy to carry, no sharp edges, cool to touch, refrigerant connections that
point down not into your eyes, convenient connection points all on one side, plus safety pressure
switches, thermal overloads, circuit breakers. Needless to say the PLUS-12 has these bases
covered and is built to stringent standards of quality and performance. Compare and you will be
• Automatic liquid & vapor regulation
• High-pressure safety switch Technical Data PLUS-12
• RE-settable circuit breaker Refrigerant Category Push/Pull Liquid Vapor Combined
• Twin pass high capacity condenser R134a III lbs/min 9 2 0.33 0.73
• High capacity fan R22 IV lbs/min 11 3 0.40 1.10
• Independent certification CE and ARI R410A V lbs/min 13 2 0.45 0.92

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